Thursday, 28 May 2015

Reading Prove it

Firstly you will get the sheet below.
You read your text. 

The first question is what is the style of writing (descriptive, historic, formal, poetic). You decide on which style the text is. Next you think if the style stays the same throughout the text, if so write yes.

The next question is what is the author's purpose? (persuade, inform, entertain...)
You then decide on that and repeat the step above.

You then complete the last question, What is the word choice in this text? (high frequency words, precise, technical). Repeat first step.

Then complete the Overall... because... because...

By Poppy and Isla

Poppy's Math

Here is my maths evidence

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Career Explanation

Bakers bake baking such as muffins, pies, bread and cookies. They sell them at bakeries and cafes. 
I want to do this job because I like eating and baking food.
I will earn $28000 to $30000 dollars a year when I start this career and when I become a qualified baker I will earn $30000 to $45000 a year.
The job availability is high, about 5,200 people are doing this job.
Other things that are involved in this career are preparing food, baking and decorating bread, cakes, pastries, rolls and other yeast goods.

Next step- organise my explanation paragraphs better.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leadership- peer mediation

On Monday the 11th of May me and my peer mediation group did our peer mediation duty round the junior area. We had one problem where a group of kids kicked a rugby ball on the road. We solved the problem by getting a duty teacher to get it. Other than that no one else had any problems. It was boring walking round the junior area without any problems but I solved that problem by playing hopscotch with some little kids.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Second poem

From a Sheep's Point of view.
Green grass is yummy
When I chew with my gums, it ends up in my tummy.
Little lambs are fur-balls of energy.
They are faster as my border collie, Bengy.
I poo on the grass. I don't do doo's in the loo.
The meadow is a rugby stadium.
The warmth of my fluffy wool is medium.
My fur is white.
It is awesome and bright.
I like being a sheep.
It's cool beans.

Poetry language features
Rhyming- loo, poo, doo
Assonance- don't do doo's in the loo
Metaphor- the meadow is a rugby stadium.