Friday, 31 October 2014

jubilee writing

Oaklands school had their 50th jubilee on Labour weekend this year. I am in Year 7. In 50 years time I will be 62. In 50 years time I think these changes would have happened at Oaklands school...

I think the playgrounds will be different. No, I don't just mean that the ground will have stones instead of bark, I mean REALLY different. Different as in the playgrounds will have TECHNOLOGY added. There might be a wii game on the sides of the playground. It will be awesome. The classes should be two storied. That will be wicked. There might be stairs that move and escalators. To transport you to your classroom. The learning in the two storied buildings will be different too. There will probably be HEAPS of technology and touch screen whiteboards to learn on. There might be ten students per class:D 

The swimming pools could could improve by building a SPA! It will be amazing.

In the back garden place we already have chickens. In 50 years there might be ponies! There might be horse riding lessons.

I can't wait to see Oaklands in 50 years:D It better be awesome.

Monday, 13 October 2014


My academic goal is: To improve in my maths by learning a little about circumferences.

My behavioural goal is: To be more nice to juniors because I don't usually pay attention to what they are doing and what they need. 

My respect goal is: To try to get my little silver respect certificate. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014


WALT- identify structural features or characteristics.

I have been learning to identify structural features. Structural features are stuff like diagrams and captions and special print. The evidence that I am beginning to understand this Walt is that I can name 11 structural features that I identified in a story. 

Structural features
Special print-bold, italics, underlined words

I think I understand this Walt better than I used to because now I can identify structural features.

My next step is to be able to name some structural characteristics.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Children shouldn't do homework.

W.A.L.T- use surface features in a well structured piece of writing.
W.A.L.T- write a persuasive argument.
Children SHOULD NOT do homework because IT'S A WASTE OF TIME. Some people just don't have enough time after school. For an example, what if your sister is just the most annoying brat in the world and just has to hog the family device every day after school? You won't be able to finish mathletics and biblionasium before five O'clock if that was the case now would you? Well I've got a solution.
Don't do it.

Every morning from Monday to Friday loads of kids will arrive at school expecting a hard, long day. Every afternoon they would come back feeling tired and exhausted because they have just done heaps of work at school, AND THEN, they will have to go back home and do even more work. Sheesh! How much work do we have to do? Plus, we are meant to relax when we go home. Adults do! Work just wears us out and gives us migraines. On the other hand, we do need to do a spot of homework no and then...

Kids can do homework while they are at primary to prepare for HighSchool. At HighSchool you will get HEAPS of homework. That is a fact. It probably won't just be maths and reading every week. There will be a variety of different types of homework piled onto your shoulders for every day of the week. That's a bit harder than mathletics and biblionasium ain't it? If you think they are hard already then you will have to get used to them. It's going to be much harder at HighSchool...

I STILL DON'T THINK CHILDREN SHOULD DO HOMEWORK AFTER SCHOOL. For one thing, if we don't do homework we won't have to worry about preparing for HighSchool because there won't be any tricky homework to prepare for. For another thing, it's a waste of the precious, already limited time we get to play and relax after school. For a THIRD reason, we already get heaps of work at school that we need to finish, and, for the forth and final thing, some people don't have enough time. You might have clubs, you might have important things to go to, you might want to play awesome games on your device and then run out of time to do homework, I could go on FOREVER! 

Overall, students shouldn't do homework because it's a waste of time and it wears us kids out.

The solo level I have reached for my surface features is extended abstract because I have used lots of surface features and I know why I used them. 

The solo level I have reached for my argument is relational because I have some ideas that are persuasive in my writing.

My next step is to make my speech a bit longer.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014



Last week during PALs me and my group played with the long jump rope and played chicken tag with the year ones to threes. We also played octopus. It was fun.


My next step is to get more people to play.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


W.A.L.T-devise a strategy to solve a whole number problem.

I have been learning to turn a question like 13 x what + 150 = 293 into 13n + 150 = 293. If you have to times a number, instead of writing it like 13 x you have to write it like 13n. If you want to divide a number, instead of writing n divided by 5= 2, you write it like n\5 = 2.

My next step is to work on harder equations and explain how to work them out with more detail. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


W.A.L.T- use paragraphs in my narrative to sequence and organise my ideas logically.
W.A.L.T-write a modern day fairy tale with messages/morals that are important for today's children.
W.A.L.T- use surface features in a well structured piece of writing.
Bob got off his meaty smelling bed and staggered towards the dog flap. He REALLY needed to pee. It was probably the whiskey he'd drunk with Bert yesterday. Bobs paws stung with pain because of all the weight he was carrying on his bony legs. His tummy swayed around and it was making him look like a pregnant bulldog. Bob squatted above the ground. He kicked grass and dirt on top of the yellow liquid and staggered back up to his dog flap. He flopped onto the floor inside the house and stumbled into Bert's room. Bob jumped up and nipped Bert's hand.
"Bob!" yelled Bert. 
"Go away!"
Bob gave Bert the evils.
"Okay then" Bert sighed.
"Where d'ya wanna go? Burger King, Soyo, or Kentucky Fried Chicken?"
Bob growled. Bert groaned.
"FINE. But this is the last time."

Bert and Bob hopped out of their bacon smelling cart and scrambled into the ice cream shop. They came out a few minutes later with seven scoops of ice cream piled onto the new chocolate flavoured waffle cones and they skipped into their cart. The door slammed and the cart sped off.

"Oi Bob!" Yelled Bert.
"We've got mail! I've accepted a new job!"
Bert ripped a note out of an envelope and waved it in front of Bob's face.
Dear mister Bert, we have just received your answer and 
you are now the new delivery maid. As you should already
 know, you will have to wear a red cape as it is our work 
Logo. Your first delivery will be 14/9/14 - (tomorrow) and
we expect you to be fully equipt and ready by our doorstep
by 10am. Each delivery service will get you a full $3.00 - 
about $85.00 a month.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Shoplifter
"My job starts tomorrow!" Bert announced.

The next morning Bert and Bob arrived at Mr. Shoplifter's doorstep with matching extra extra extra extra extra large red capes. Bert was sweating.
"Few, Bob!" Panted Bert.
"These capes are REALLY tight!"
Bob growled in agreement.
"Aaagh. You are 'ere!" Mr. Shoplifter exclaimed.
Bert looked up and smiled uncertainly.
"Vell. Zere you go!" Mr. Shoplifter dumped a huge basket into Bert's arms.
"Zoze beeg bonez ov yourz vill ve very uzevull in zis job!"
Bert glowed with pleasure. Hardly anyone praises Bert about his size.
"Vell. Zee you later!" Mr. Shoplifter drawled.

"NO. NO WAY!" Bert yelled.
Bert was staring into a forest. There was a fancy letterbox with a shiny gold number on it. Bert looked onto his piece of paper. 7. He looked at the letterbox. 7. He took a deep breath. He held it.
Bert stepped into the forest. Step. Step. Step. His breath was shallow and raspy. He was almost there... Woo woo woo WOOOOOOOOO! Bert and Bob slowly rotated round. They were looking into the eyes of a ferocious wolf with frothy saliver dripping beneath his pointed fangs.
"Meat." He growled.
Bert and Bob waddled around to face the entrance of the forest. 
"Run!" Yelled Bert.
Bert and Bob hadn't even gone forward two steps before the wolf caught up.
"I is only haunting fat people like you!!" The wolf screamed.
"I isn't haunting fit people!" He howled
"Don't expect me to forget!"

Bert sunk into the drivers seat. "Bob, we are getting fit." He declared.

PWEEEEEP. Lap number one. PWEEEP. Lap number two. "Keep going Bob!" Bert yelled.
Bob waddled around the acorn tree a third time and collapsed onto the ground breathing loudly.
"Ookay. This isn't working is it?" Bert asked. 
He heard whining from the ground. Bert sighed impatiently. "I thought so."
He watched his fat dog roll on the ground.
"Bob, I think we are going to have to cut down on the junk food"

"Want a banana Bob?"
A medium sized man emerged from the kitchen. He weighed 75 Kilograms and his favourite food was nectarines.
His dog raced into the kitchen. He weighed 5 kilograms and he likes having walks around the park. Since they had met the wolf, Bob and Bert have turned into two very fit guys.  
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 

The solo level I have reached for surface features is relational because I had a lot of full stops and speech marks in my writing.

The solo level I reached for my narrative is relational because I had a lot of ideas in my story.

My next step is to add more important characters.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014



Today for PALs me and Ginny filled in for Shannons group.
We played duck duck goose and sneek up granny with lots of the little juniors.

Friday, 1 August 2014


I finally have a responsibility. I am doing PALs and its really cool because its probably one of the most easy responsibilities and you only have to waste 20 minutes every second week. And your kind of just playing games. My next step is to teach some other people how to play a new game.

Friday, 4 July 2014

My other goals

•In reading my goal was to learn how to skim and scan through sentences. I think I have achieved my goal. My new reading goal is to get better marks on my language features test.

•In maths my goal was to learn how to find the perimeter and area of shapes. Now I know how to do that so I think I have achieved my goal. My new goal is to learn the secret in doing algorithms more quickly.

•In writing my goal was to learn how to write an explanation. I have achieved that goal and I know that because I wrote one a few weeks ago. My evidence is already on the blog because I wrote my explanation on it a little while ago. My new goal is to use bigger words in my writing.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


W.A.L.T- Include topic specific vocabulary to enhance my explanation.
W.A.L.T- Use surface features in a well structured piece of writing.

Would you trust a well known company?
Ergobaby is just one company that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act.
The Consumer Guarantees Act is a thing that makes sure consumers and businesses aren't ripped off and it's there for us because sometimes we get mislead or deceived. You might accidentally purchase a product from a fake company, or, you might even purchase a faulty product. I will write about an unfortunate event that had recently broken lots of rules from the Consumer Guarantees Act. It has effected lots of consumers that had bought Ergobaby carriers and its effected the real Ergobaby business. They have done nothing wrong.

One of the consumers had bought an Ergobaby carrier, and she wasn't sure if the one she had purchased online was a fake one or a real one. She has a right to believe that, therefore, that fake company has just broken an important rule in the Consumer Guarantees Act. If that Ergobaby carrier was a fake one, then, the buckle could undo and a poor, innocent little could fall out and seriously injure itself, or it could even die.

The Ergobaby carrier that the consumer had purchased must be fit for purpose. If it was a fake, then the buckle on the Ergobaby carrier might not hold the weight of the little baby inside, and that will mean it's not fit for purpose, because it doesn't do what it's meant to do. Hold.The.Baby.

Consumers have the right to believe that they won't be mislead or deceived by retailers and businesses. The fake business has ignored that part of the Consumer Guarantees Act as well. The lady that had purchased an Ergobaby carrier has unfortunately, bought a faulty one from a fake business. SHE HAS JUST BEEN DECEIVED.

Consumers have the right to believe that their goods are safe to use. The fake Ergobaby carriers are DEFINITELY not safe to use. Its a faulty product and it doesn't hold the baby. The baby could fall out and die or split its head open or get very badly injured or get BRAIN DAMAGE! That is definitely an unsafe product.

Overall, I think Ergobaby is a great business and a careless group of lunatics are in no place to make fake, useless Ergobaby carriers and pretend to be them.

The SOLO level I have achieved is relational.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


WALT: learn how to draw a 2 dimension picture with a perspective thing.
NEXT STEP: draw a 3D picture with a mountain and road and fence and grass and trees and sky that's not 2D. 

Friday, 23 May 2014


I walked to school in the morning and found the air chilly and cold. A big cloud of steam billowed out of my mouth when I ordered Mollyanne to hurry up. It was 8:54 am and I was running late, as usual, and I was sprinting towards the Cotswold  school gates.
"Late again, you turd!" My friend, Lakisha, told me. 
"Shut up you egg" I retorted. She narrowed her eyes. "Mollyanne's fault" I told her. Apparently Lakisha had been waiting for ages and she had frozen feet. Big deal. She looked like Rudolph with her bright red nose! 
We jogged to room 25, and, got to the door just when the bell rang. I pushed past Lakisha to get in before her and accidentally whacked her face with my bag. I escaped into the classroom before she could hurt me. Mrs. Douglous-Bray was calling the roll when I got into the class. She raised her eyebrows when I came in late but said nothing. She shut her laptop and got us outside, then led us into the hall. It was graduation day so we sat in front of the hall on top of the stage. Hundreds of faces stared up at us. I couldn't sit next to Lakisha because we were meant to sit in alphabetical order. I'm lucky. I'm hidden in the back of the crowd so not everyone could see me. I sighed loudly. How boring could this assembly be with Mr. Harrison droning on and on about us and the strict teachers watching us like hawks? Oh well, it would be worth the food we would be getting afterwards! I could smell the fresh goodness wafting from the school kitchen into the hall. I was practically drooling...
"POPPY" my friend, Sophie Hooper, nudged me. 
"They are announcing the people that get the trophies!" I flinched. Her breath was really stinky. I felt sorry for the poor people that have to get up in front of the whole school to fetch the trophies. You have to polish them, and you have to return it after one year. What's the big deal? I was just wondering why I bothered to come to school today when the awful thing happened. Mr. Simpson opened his mouth and said it. The one awesome name that still clung to the silent air. 
"Poppy Jennings!" This time it wasn't Sophie that said my name. I stood up and slowly approached his outstretched hand with the silver cup. Red in the face, I took the trophy and stomped back to my seat. "Hey, if you don't want that, I'll have it!" Sophie whispered. Urghhh! Does she ever brush her teeth? Just when I got to my seat and sat down, I had to get up again to sing the national anthem. "God of nations, at thy feet" Sophie squaked. I shuddered. Can we go yet? Finally, Mr. Harrison released us.
I grinned. This food was definitely worth that boring assembly!

My next step is to learn where to put paragraphs.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The information report

Making choices
WALT#1:use linking sentences to join our paragraphs.
WALT#2:be specific.

Have you ever had to make a decision?-they aren't so easy to make, right? Here are some of the influences on our choices; friends, family, role models, and the law.

My friends influence my choices because they are people that you don't want to fall out with and you care about them and what they think. They might influence your choice by saying what they think then persuading you to think the same. You just have to remember that you can always say NO.

Friends aren't the only strong influence. Families are another strong influence as well. Families might influence your decisions because if you don't listen to them they might not let you have ice-cream after dinner. They should be people you trust because they're your family. If your family started to believe that smoking was bad, will you EVER smoke?

You would probably have an admired role model as well. If THEY started smoking, would you? If they got a weirdo haircut would you do the same? Role models are a very strong influence you just have to remember that they are not always right. They can do bad things too.

The law prevents you to do bad from doing bad things. It's best to listen to the law when you are in a bad situation with other people. If you don't listen to it, then, you'll be in big trouble and the police might come. The police are scary if you break the law. TRY not to break the law! 

There are lots of influences for our choices and these are some of the biggest. Some influences are good, some are bad. If you come up with the right choice, you should be glad.

Friday, 11 April 2014


There's a really fun thing in reading where we do this visual language thing and we have to do lots of things with adverts and you choose an ad from the pile then you answer questions about it and it's really fun. I've finished two adverts. One about coke and the other about chocolate Easter eggs.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My goals-3.4.14

My academic goal is to learn how to write a real information report
My social goal is to work with more people in the classroom
My leadership goal is to JOIN something

Friday, 28 March 2014

Creative writing


WALT: learn to write creatively

If I was an animal I would be... A PANDA! I would be a panda because they are fat, awesome and fuzzy and. and.and. AWESOME! If I was a panda I would live in the forest with a whole bunch of other panda's and I would be real lazy. If I was a panda I wouldn't have to go to school and it will be really fun because it just will and pandas are really awesome because they are fluffy and adorable. Pandas are one of my favourite animals and they are real fascinating and it will be just awesome if I could just sit around all day and be fat. So that's why I'll be a panda.

My next step is to write more creative