Friday, 16 October 2015

MY leadership goals

I am not going very well with my merit badge but I still want to get it. I actually think I'm going well with being a good role model for the lower years because I wear my hat when I go outside and talk quietly when I'm transitioning. Kind of.
My next step is to start a few homework challenges to go towards my merit badge.


Monday, 21 September 2015

Writing prove it - spelling

I got up to relational in my writing because I can use all the spelling strategies and I know which one works best for me.       
This is my exit and entry ticket for my argument about eating.

Koru Games

Koru Games

Over the last three days I have been going to Lincoln University to play basketball. I really enjoyed the time that I found out there was one team that was actually worse then us so we could win for once. Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I really improved because now I can actually get the ball in the basketball hoop once in a while. My goal for another future sports tournament will be to not ask to go back out (since we were subbing), so quickly. Overall I found the Koru Games fun because it just was. I also found it different. Something that I will remember is the smell of a basketball court. It was very strong.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Isla and Poppy's Maths

My maths goal was circumference, area, radius and diameter. I believe I am at extended abstract because I can teach others how to do this.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wonder narrative


I wake up. Yellow sunlight streamed down onto my face. My saggy eyeballs hurt in the sudden light. I sit up. My bones creak. I glance at my clock. Huh. Weird. Daisy, my dog , usually wakes me up before 8:30, but today she is nowhere to be seen. Wait a minute. What's that rumbling sound? I poke my head under the bed and find Daisy. She is surrounded with dust and mothballs. Snoring. I suddenly realise that Daisy wasn't responsible for the snoring that was my tummy I'm starving. I grab my astronaut helmet and head out of my bedroom. I'm too hungry to get dressed out of my pyjamas.

Something smells nice in the kitchen. Hopefully it's waffles. I love waffles. I stride into the kitchen. It's empty and dark. So much for waffles. I got the Nutri grain and milk and sat down at the table. I had to eat the Nutri grain one at a time because of my clef palate. The Nutri grain was flavourless and watery. By the time I was half way through it was soggy. One of the hundred reasons why I love having a unique face. Not.

Mum crashes into into the room. "AUGGY! " she shrieked. "I completely forgot! You have a face appointment! Why aren't you dressed? Auggy, WHY AREN'T YOU DRESSED? You're are supposed to get out of your pyjamas before 7: 55!" Mum was going red like a bull at a rodeo. She still had her hair curlers on. "It's not my fault mum!" I protested. "Daisy didn't wake me up!" Uh-oh. I shouldn't of said that. "THATS WHY DAD AND I BOUGHT YOU AN ALARM CLOCK!" Mum was the same colour as my magenta pillow case now. I decide to get dressed.

Mum toots our shiny silver car when I get out of the front door. I get into the car. We start to drive to the doctors. When mum speaks, "Auggy... I gotta go to the gas station. Wait in here, okay?" I nod. I don't think she saw me under the astronaut helmet but I don't really feel like talking right now. I always get nervous before my appointments. Mum understands. She gets out of the car to fill

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Poppy's Narrative Prove-It

"Harry Potter," Voldemort hissed.
His red, snake-like eyes glowed evilly in the darkness of the night. I stood, motionless, as Voldemort drew his wand out of a large pocket on his cloak.
A green light sparked on the tip of his wand and crackled loudly, emitting sharp sparks before it sped toward me.

My goal in writing this narrative was to organize my paragraphs and make sure all of it was in the same tense thing. I reached extended abstract in this goal because I organized all my writing correctly. I also created a new paragraph when someone spoke. 

Poppy's Weather Forecast

Poppy and Isla's French Mihis

Monday, 20 July 2015

Goal Reflection

My goals for this year were to achieve my merit badge, to be a good role model for others, be involved in lunchtime activities eg. Peer Mediator, Librarian.

I haven't yet achieved my merit but I am going well with my blogging.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reading Prove It

This is my reading prove it. 

WALT Identify language features in contemporary texts.

I got up to Extended Abstract.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Grunt the pig poem

Grunt the pig

Does Grunt's tummy hang low,
does it wobble to and fro?
Can he fling it to the left, can he fling it to the right?
Can he hang it over his shoulder like a rotten banana peel,

does his tummy



Thursday, 28 May 2015

Reading Prove it

Firstly you will get the sheet below.
You read your text. 

The first question is what is the style of writing (descriptive, historic, formal, poetic). You decide on which style the text is. Next you think if the style stays the same throughout the text, if so write yes.

The next question is what is the author's purpose? (persuade, inform, entertain...)
You then decide on that and repeat the step above.

You then complete the last question, What is the word choice in this text? (high frequency words, precise, technical). Repeat first step.

Then complete the Overall... because... because...

By Poppy and Isla

Poppy's Math

Here is my maths evidence

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Career Explanation

Bakers bake baking such as muffins, pies, bread and cookies. They sell them at bakeries and cafes. 
I want to do this job because I like eating and baking food.
I will earn $28000 to $30000 dollars a year when I start this career and when I become a qualified baker I will earn $30000 to $45000 a year.
The job availability is high, about 5,200 people are doing this job.
Other things that are involved in this career are preparing food, baking and decorating bread, cakes, pastries, rolls and other yeast goods.

Next step- organise my explanation paragraphs better.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leadership- peer mediation

On Monday the 11th of May me and my peer mediation group did our peer mediation duty round the junior area. We had one problem where a group of kids kicked a rugby ball on the road. We solved the problem by getting a duty teacher to get it. Other than that no one else had any problems. It was boring walking round the junior area without any problems but I solved that problem by playing hopscotch with some little kids.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Second poem

From a Sheep's Point of view.
Green grass is yummy
When I chew with my gums, it ends up in my tummy.
Little lambs are fur-balls of energy.
They are faster as my border collie, Bengy.
I poo on the grass. I don't do doo's in the loo.
The meadow is a rugby stadium.
The warmth of my fluffy wool is medium.
My fur is white.
It is awesome and bright.
I like being a sheep.
It's cool beans.

Poetry language features
Rhyming- loo, poo, doo
Assonance- don't do doo's in the loo
Metaphor- the meadow is a rugby stadium.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Food is yummy
I like it when it's jumbled up in my tummy
Junk food is nice
It's better than rice
Sweet silver ice cream smells like deliciousness
Butter chicken is almost as nice as a ginger kiss.
The noodles farted in the hot water in a soup bowl, the water bubbled when it boiled. It was a beef-scented fart.
French fries are thin and golden. They are yummy especially with extra grease and salt.
Candy floss is sugary and sweet. It has a wonderful texture with its silky pink floss. It smells delicious when it runs round its machine.
I like to eat. I'm always keen🍦

Poetry structural features 
Rhyming-nice, rice. Tummy, yummy.
Alliteration-sweet, silver, smells.
Personification-the noodles farted. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Term 2 Goal For Leadership.

My goal is to get my merit badge. I also want to be a good role model for kids in lower year levels.

Monday, 20 April 2015


In my maths I got to relational because I know the answer
And I can explain why I got the answer.

My next step is to complete the maths sheet quicker.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This week has been art week. for the year 7 and 8 art focus we are doing vincent vangoph. we made our backrounds like one of his paintings. this is mine.

for the functional criteria i got extended abstract.

Monday, 23 February 2015



Today I did peer mediation in the junior area on the second half of lunch. Peer mediation went well today because we only had one problem on the playground. Most of the juniors were playing cool games.