Wednesday, 2 July 2014


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Would you trust a well known company?
Ergobaby is just one company that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act.
The Consumer Guarantees Act is a thing that makes sure consumers and businesses aren't ripped off and it's there for us because sometimes we get mislead or deceived. You might accidentally purchase a product from a fake company, or, you might even purchase a faulty product. I will write about an unfortunate event that had recently broken lots of rules from the Consumer Guarantees Act. It has effected lots of consumers that had bought Ergobaby carriers and its effected the real Ergobaby business. They have done nothing wrong.

One of the consumers had bought an Ergobaby carrier, and she wasn't sure if the one she had purchased online was a fake one or a real one. She has a right to believe that, therefore, that fake company has just broken an important rule in the Consumer Guarantees Act. If that Ergobaby carrier was a fake one, then, the buckle could undo and a poor, innocent little could fall out and seriously injure itself, or it could even die.

The Ergobaby carrier that the consumer had purchased must be fit for purpose. If it was a fake, then the buckle on the Ergobaby carrier might not hold the weight of the little baby inside, and that will mean it's not fit for purpose, because it doesn't do what it's meant to do. Hold.The.Baby.

Consumers have the right to believe that they won't be mislead or deceived by retailers and businesses. The fake business has ignored that part of the Consumer Guarantees Act as well. The lady that had purchased an Ergobaby carrier has unfortunately, bought a faulty one from a fake business. SHE HAS JUST BEEN DECEIVED.

Consumers have the right to believe that their goods are safe to use. The fake Ergobaby carriers are DEFINITELY not safe to use. Its a faulty product and it doesn't hold the baby. The baby could fall out and die or split its head open or get very badly injured or get BRAIN DAMAGE! That is definitely an unsafe product.

Overall, I think Ergobaby is a great business and a careless group of lunatics are in no place to make fake, useless Ergobaby carriers and pretend to be them.

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