Thursday, 30 April 2015


Food is yummy
I like it when it's jumbled up in my tummy
Junk food is nice
It's better than rice
Sweet silver ice cream smells like deliciousness
Butter chicken is almost as nice as a ginger kiss.
The noodles farted in the hot water in a soup bowl, the water bubbled when it boiled. It was a beef-scented fart.
French fries are thin and golden. They are yummy especially with extra grease and salt.
Candy floss is sugary and sweet. It has a wonderful texture with its silky pink floss. It smells delicious when it runs round its machine.
I like to eat. I'm always keen🍦

Poetry structural features 
Rhyming-nice, rice. Tummy, yummy.
Alliteration-sweet, silver, smells.
Personification-the noodles farted. 

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